Successfully Marketing a Real Estate Listing | Details Are The Foundation

Successfully Marketing a Real Estate Listing | Details Are The Foundation

Did you know that details are of the utmost importance when successfully marketing a real estate listing? It is critical to get the facts right and to market the listing according to the property’s key features…those things that set the property apart from all of the other listings on the market. For example, if a home has an RV Garage, then that information should be specified in the listing description and parameters so buyers and agents alike are able to easily locate that listing in the MLS and online home searches. The listings are only as accurate as the Realtor who is entering the information into the MLS and inaccuracies could prevent or hinder home sales. Of course, there are additional marketing methods (professional listing photography – don’t get me started on bad photography, video marketing, targeted marketing with social media, etc) that are of equal importance to the property details, but to be honest, none of those matter if the home is not being seen by potential home buyers due to misinformation or misrepresentation of the facts. Details are the foundation of every successful real estate marketing campaign!

I cannot tell you how many times during my career as a Realtor, that I’ve identified MAJOR errors on listings that could not only cost the seller time and money, but they could also mean that their home is not being noticed at all by people who are actually searching for a property with those particular attributes. I have seen errors such as stating the wrong County or neighborhood, the wrong lot size and range, showing the home in the wrong school district, the incorrect number of bedrooms or bathrooms, the list could go on and on. Negating information with a simple clerical error or missing key property features entirely by not paying attention to the details is an unfortunate mistake, but one that happens all the time in the real estate world. This is one of the many reasons why it is important to work with an experienced Realtor who goes above and beyond to ensure that every detail is presented to potential home buyers and agents. Proper representation is key to successfully marketing a real estate listing! Details matter and details can also make the difference in the overall days on market and the final sales price! Don’t miss out on buyers by trusting a Realtor who is not focused on details and identifying the features that will make your home stand out! Remember that details are the foundation for successfully marketing a real estate listing.

If you are looking to sell your home in the East Valley, then I would be honored to represent you and guide you through the process from listing to closing! As a former engineer, my attention to details will ensure you home is represented accurately and marketed professionally. My goal is to achieve the highest possible sales price with the best terms for my sellers in order to keep more money in their pockets. This is a great time of year to sell your home and new inventory is still down, which means this is the perfect time to put your home on the market. I would be happy to meet with you and provide a FREE Market Analysis of your home’s current market value! Don’t hesitate to contact me via email or call/text 480.220.1321 to schedule a listing appointment today. There is no obligation or pressure to list, I will simply give you my opinion of value and offer some important information to consider that will help you earn top dollar for your property.

If you are thinking about buying a home in the East Valley of Phoenix, and you are uncertain about entering the real estate market right now, please don’t hesitate! Interest rates are still at historic lows and it is still a great time to buy a home! I have been very successful at locating the perfect properties for my clients by thinking outside the box and sifting through listings to identify listing errors that will benefit my buyers.

I am an experienced, local Realtor serving the areas of Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek and the surrounding communities in the East Valley. It would be my honor to assist you on your real estate journey and help you to navigate the process of buying and selling Arizona Real Estate. From start to finish, I will be there to support you and answer your questions!

Keely Semon, Realtor®
East Valley Real Estate Specialist
United Brokers Group

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