Selling A Home in a Buyer’s Market

Recently, an article was published by the Arizona Republic outlining 10 tips for selling a home in a buyer’s market. Our local real estate market in Gilbert is thriving and homes are averaging 65 days on the market (DOM) right now, but as more and more sellers list their homes and inventory levels continue to increase, the DOM could also go up.

Housing Market Tips# 1 Pricing the Home Right

The number one tip for selling your home in a buyer’s market is to price the home right. If your home is not priced properly, then it will likely sit on the market and buyers will look for a better value elsewhere. The key to pricing a home well is research and knowledge. It is important to work with an experienced, local Realtor who will provide you with detailed comps for your home and also explain the difference between comparable properties and competition.

#2 Updating the Home with New Carpet and Paint

If your carpet is old and worn, then think about the added value of replacing it prior to putting your home on the market for sale. Put a fresh coat of neutral colored paint throughout the house and the home will feel fresh and updated and give the buyers a clean slate. First impressions mean a lot in real estate and you will likely never have a second chance to impress home buyers.

Messy House#3 Good Listing Pictures are Key

Many buyers pre-screen homes online before they ever decide whether or not they want to go see them in person. If the pictures are bad, then your home could be eliminated from their list before they ever set foot in the front door.

#4 Staging the Home

You might think about staging your home prior to listing, especially if the home is already vacant. Buyers can have a difficult time picturing themselves living in a space if there is no furniture in the room. If you are still living in the home, then you can still stage it by rearranging existing furniture to maximize the appeal to buyers and by eliminating clutter. You could also consider hiring a professional home stager.

#5 Packing Up Your Personal Items

Box up your personal items before putting your home on the market, this will not only help to depersonalize the space and keep your special things safe, but it will also be one less thing to do when you are ready to move. You want buyer’s to picture themselves living in your home and that can be hard to do if your family pictures are everywhere!

Clean House#6 Decluttering and Cleaning

Walk around your home and try to see it through a buyer’s eyes. The saying, “less is more,” certainly applies in most circumstances in real estate. Remove extra furniture items, pictures, and accessories and tidy up closets and cabinets. You could consider renting a storage unit or moving things to the garage in an organized manner. Your home should be clean and tidy and ready to show with very little notice.

#7 Creating Curb AppealPotted Plants

A neatly cared for yard with fresh flowers, trimmed plants and trees and a nicely cut lawn, with a yard free of weeds helps to create curb appeal. Buyer’s will start sizing up your home the minute they pull up in the driveway. Curb appeal helps sell homes!

#8 Fixing Things First

If there are obvious repairs needed, then make those repairs before you put your home up for sale. Otherwise, home buyers might question the overall care and maintenance of the home. If you see something that needs to be fixed, then fix it first! This will also make the home inspection process run much more smoothly and provide buyers with more confidence at the same time.

#9 Making the Right Choices

You don’t have to spend a lot of money upgrading your home prior to selling. Pick and choose what to do, but most importantly, don’t go into debt trying to sell your home. A home that is priced well and shows well should still sell fairly quickly in today’s real estate market, with or without upgrades. A neat and tidy home that has been lovingly cared for is always the best investment!

Realtor Logo#10 Choosing an Experienced Realtor

One of the most important tips for selling your home in a buyer’s market is to choose an experienced local Realtor. Make sure you interview agents and find someone who will work hard to represent you as a seller and one that will market your home extensively to ensure your listing stands out among the competition. It is so important to hire an agent to help you sell your home and one that will operate with ease and professionalism throughout the process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and always keep the lines of communication open.

Keely is an experienced, local Realtor serving the areas of Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek and the surrounding communities in the East Valley. She would be honored to assist you on your real estate journey and help you to navigate the process of buying and selling AZ Real Estate.

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