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Dream Home

Have you ever thought about how to find your “dream home”…can you imagine your picture perfect home down to every last detail? If this describes you, then before you start searching for that perfect home, it’s a really good idea to get your “dreams” written down on paper…a tangible list that you can provide your Realtor® to help narrow down your home search! It’s important to identify your absolute must haves and separate those from your wish list of things that would be nice to have but that you could live without. You should also remember to be flexible because once you start house hunting and touring real homes, you may realize that your “dream home” has changed in appearance. Maybe your dream included a grand staircase and a two-story foyer, but after looking at homes, you’ve decided that you really prefer single level homes with no stairs. This is a huge discovery and if something changes in your preferences along the way, then be sure to communicate that to your Realtor® so they can fine tune your search criteria and improve your chances of success.

Zillow recently published a blog titled, “How to Find Your Dream Home,” and featured a checklist approach to help buyers categorize their “dreams” into actual property characteristics, everything from air conditioning (which is obviously a MUST HAVE in Arizona!) down to floor plan and yard/lot size. Once you begin your house hunt, you may discover that the things you thought were must haves are truly just wants and that you are much more flexible than you think you are. Many buyers have a picture of their “dream home” in mind, but the actual home they end up purchasing may not necessarily meet their initial set of criteria. But, buyer will often say that the home they decided to buy just gave them a “feeling” of home and they could picture themselves living there. Feel free to print off the checklist below and then contact Keely Semon at 480.220.1321 to discuss your list of must haves so she can help you find your “dream home” today!

Zillow Dream Home Table

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